Is there a fee for applying to the Universe Accelerator? No! There are no fees related to applying to the program. Please refer to our "Apply!" section for further details.

Do I need to be from a specific country to apply? Yes! eligible candidates are Japanese (living either in Japan or abroad), South Korean (living either in South Korea or abroad) , Danish (living either in Denmark or abroad), or foreigners (currently living - or whose company is officially located - in Denmark, Japan or South Korea). Please refer to the "Guideline" for further details.

What level of experience do I need to apply? To be eligible, applicants must have studied a technique of animation, game development or design and/or have similar work experience. Please refer to the "Guideline" for further details.

What should be in my project description? Your application should include a project description that you aim to develop during the Universe Accelerator. This can be in the form of a director's note, designs, techniques, format. Please note that if you are selected, this idea may not be the one you end up working on.

What should be in my portfolio? Your portfolio should demonstrate your experience in the field of animation, video games or graphic design and evidence of your previous work. Be sure to indicate your specific role in the works described.

Can I send a paper/CD/DVD/USB application, instead of submitting an online application? NO! Unfortunately we only accept ONLINE applications and portfolios.

If I am accepted, is there a fee for participating in the Univese Accelerator? The Univese Acelerator is free of charges which covers everything you will need, except the trip to Viborg.

What is the selection process? Submitted projects will be reviewed by the organizers of Universe Accelerator. An average of 30 candidates will be selected for interviews. A maximum of 15 finalists will be informed of their selection.

What are the key dates and deadlines?
The call for projects opens online: March 1 2019
Deadline for projects: May 1 2019
Selection Interviews: June 2019
Final Selection announcement: July 2019
Residency: September 2-29 September 2019

I have been working on my project during my studies. Can I submit it? Yes but only if you own your project and it doesn't belong in any way to your school (refer to your school rules).

Can I submit a project adapted from an original artwork (comic book, book, painting, ...)? Yes, as long as you include an authorisation statement from the owner.

Can I submit two projects? As long as they are two different projects for two different categories (e.g. an animated TV series project and a project for a video game). If so, you must submit two separated applications.

Can a project compete if a subvention has been asked for? Yes, a project awaiting news of a subvention can compete. The information should be mentioned in the application.

Can a project compete if a subvention has been asked for? Yes, a project awaiting news of a subvention can compete. The information should be mentioned in the application.

What are the criteria for selection? Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Showing a strong will to develop a project, starting from one single format to wider IP

  • Creativity

  • Original and innovative concept

  • Storytelling quality and capacity to adapt to several formats

  • Production value

  • Worldwide appeal The selected projects will also have to be:

  • Well written with a clear statement of the viability of the project

  • Fitting in one of the following categories: Animation for TV, Animated documentary, VR, Video Game, AR, Mobile content, Transmedia content

  • New and original concepts which have not been commissioned or released yet and for which the worldwide rights are still available.