The Animation Workshop

Established in 1989 and recognized as a Specialized European Animation Training Center by the EU Media program since 1993, The Animation Workshop (TAW) has become well known as Scandinavia’s leading center for animation training, development, and for expertise in animation related activities within the areas of education, culture, communication, and business.

The Animation Workshop has been featured among the Top 20 Schools to Hire From by Animation Magazine and has furthermore been honored by a 5th place finish worldwide in the CG Student Awards in 2015. TAW also ranked among the Top 100 Schools for Animation, Gaming and Design and 14th among International Animation Schools by the Animation Career Review in 2014.

The Animation Workshop functions as an international center for knowledge with support staff and teachers coming from all over the world for short stays to promote and teach cutting-edge processes and practices in animation based writing, development, production, and dissemination. With over 30 years of experience in the field and local, regional, national, and EU level partners.

The Animation Workshop seeks to provide students and professionals with the best possible foundation and continual development of specialist training in all aspects of the animation industry. Productions originating at The Animation Workshop are awarded, on average, 120 international nominations and awards every year, from Cannes Film Festival (2 nominations for "best student film"), to the Oscars, (a nomination for "Song of the Sea", 40% animated in Viborg) and leading animation festivals such as Annecy, Anima Mundi and The Stuttgart Festival for Animated Film.

Some of the animation produced at The Animation Workshop.

The Animation workshop has extensive experience in organizing professional training and it is running the following programs with great success and undeniable results: Animation Sans Frontières: an 8-week lecture/workshop-based initial training programme designed to give European graduate-level animation film and production students an understanding of the fine art and the business of getting an idea onto a screen. It is run in partnership with The Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in Germany, The Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design or MOME in Hungary and Gobelins, l’école de l’image in France. 3D Character Animation: is a 15-week training course, which takes the participants through all the components of 3D character animation, from start to finish.

AniDox:Lab and AniDox Residency: offers talented documentary and animation filmmakers the opportunity to engage and combine their two worlds. It tackles both a time-based cinematic approach, as well as digital platforms that allow for multiple story and timelines. The coaching seminars and collaborative workshops are designed to progress from fine-tuning an initial idea, through narrative development, to a pitching session.

The 15-week VFX course: designed to equip highly creative and driven European computer graphics professionals with the knowledge and skills to create photorealistic computer graphics and integrate them seamlessly with their own filmed live action footage. This will range from set extensions through CG-characters or vehicles to body part replacements.

The Team: 

Morten Thorning

Center Director of The Animation Workshop/VIA University College, is the founder of The Animation Workshop, which is now more than 25 years old. Morten Thorning’s role in the training activities is that of general manager.

Clémence Bragard

After studying audiovisual and digital assets management, Clémence has worked for French broadcasters and production companies as an audiovisual researcher. Meanwhile, she has got involved in animation festivals, and went back to study in 2013 and graduated from Gobelins, School of Image as a Production Manager. Since 2014, she has been coordinating and developing business and large audience events related to the animation industry. Clémence is the Project Manager for NipponNordic.



Arsenalet is a creative stronghold founded in 2012 and is located in Viborg, Denmark. The building primarily houses companies who work with animation, games and new media. Some of the companies at Arsenalet have at this point been involved in major international co-productions such as the Oscar nominated feature film Song of the sea.

Arsenalet Game Incubation

Arsenalet Game Incubation is a unique opportunity for you to kickstart a company in the games industry as part of the creative working environment, which surrounds The Animation Workshop in Viborg. Once you are here, you will have all the time in the world to focus on development; either of your own IP or something that can help you establish a viable business in the games industry.

Sponsored by the European fund Interreg Öresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak and the Central Denmark Region, arranged by The Animation Workshop and hosted by the co-working office Arsenalet, the Game Incubation is your fast lane into a career in the games industry.

Some of the creative products produced at the Arsenalet.

The Team: 

Adonis Flokiou

Manager of Arsenalet Game Incubation. He has been growing the Danish games industry since 2012 through all sorts of different industry related activities. Adonis is the Game-related curator of NipponNordic.


Office H

An acknowledged and well connected production/distribution company and service provider founded by Hiromi Ito.
The company is based in Tokyo and offers the following professional services: 

Business development:  
In Japan as the agent of Folimage (France) and The National Film Board of Canada.

WAT – World Animation Theater: WAT is an agency for emerging talents and independent films in Japan. It supports and promotes business potentialities of “new talents”, hosts or co-organizes screenings of emerging artworks, and distributes short animation content in Japan.

Consulting and Business Coordination: Office H is also a service provider of personalized logistical and marketing services, primarily for emerging companies wanting to develop business in the Japanese Multimedia and/or ICT sectors. Additionally, Office H offers strategic marketing communications and business development for start-ups in Japan (localization, event operations and supervising of logistics, public relations, and related services).

Media Exchange: Office H researches and reports foreign news on multimedia, ICT and contents business, specifically for the Visual Communications Journal (Eizo Shimbun) and other specialized industry press. Hiromi Ito is the author of “Digital Content White Paper” (publisher: Digital Content Association of Japan, sponsor Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). Office H Introduces the Japanese new media overseas (FMX Film & Media Exchange in Germany, e-magiciens in France) and is a qualified Tokyo Service Provider listed by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service of the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. 

The team:

Hiromi Ito

Hiromi Ito established Office H - Marketing Communications Production Office, in 1999. She is an expert on marketing communications in the Japanese ICT and multimedia fields and has 10+ years of experience in North America based firms. She is the Project Coordinator for NipponNordic in Japan.